Golden Bride Dress-Up Set

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The Golden Bride Dress-Up Set comes with three fun accessories that will make your bride-to-be stand out at the bachelorette party - a sash, tiara, and veil!

Hot Facts

  • White Sash with Golden Lettering
  • Golden Tiara
  • White Mesh Veil

  • Item Description

    Making the bride look like the princess she feels like at her bachelorette party has never been easier! The Golden Bride Dress-Up Set includes:

    A white sash with “Bride to Be” written in golden letters

    A golden tiara that says “Bride”

    A white mesh veil that clips into your hair

    All three items look great together, and look great with just about any outfit the bride might be wearing! If you want an easy and affordable way to make the bachelorette stand out and let everybody know who they should be showing respect and buying drinks for, the Golden Bride Dress-Up Set is one of the best ways to do it.

    One size fits most.

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