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These Wiggly Penises have a veil attached. Get all your bachelorette party accessories at the world's biggest bachelorette party store, Bachelorette.com.

Hot Facts

  • Wiggly Penises with a veil
  • When you want to look silly ... yet elegant

Item Description

Embarrass the bride-to-be with the Wiggly Penises Tiara and Veil. Has your bachelorette been kind of a bridezilla throughout the wedding planning process? Punish her with silliness!

The Wiggly Penis Tiara and Veil features two penises that will bounce wildly as your bachelorette stomps away and slams the door. The veil adds a touch of sophistication to an otherwise ridiculous head piece. The veil is also a great indicator that your bachelorette is indeed a bachelorette, and not just some crazy lady who likes to wear bouncing penises on her head.

Get this fun tiara and veil set at Bachelorette.com.

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