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Pink Beads - 12 Strands SALE
Pink Beads - Twelve Strands SALE
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Pink Mardi Gras Beads

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Accessorize the bachelorette and bridal party with Pink Beads. Plan the perfect bachelorette party with help from the experts at

Hot Facts

  • Pink Beads
  • 12 strands

Item Description

Need a quick, cheap way to make all your bachelorette party guests match? What, you don't want to go all out with matching buttons, tiaras, sashes, rings, and penis face masks (note: we don't actually sell penis face masks, unfortunately)? You wuss.

Just kidding, of course! There's nothing wrong with keeping your bachelorette party a little low-key. It's perfect for those brides who are mortified at the thought of being seen in public wearing something tacky or penis-shaped. These Pink Beads are the perfect matching accessory for your group. This set comes with 12 strands of beads. Dress your guests up in the Pink Beads or put the beads in a pinata. You can also hand the Pink Beads out in loot bags as party favors when the night is over, but we think it would be more fun to let them wear them through the night..

The Pink Beads go with lots of different tanks and tiaras. Layer them with Black Beads for a fashionable and exciting multi-colored look. These really do make the perfect fashion accessory for a night out, and they're a great value. Our only advice is that you might not want to wear them if your bachelorette party happens to fall on Mardi Gras. People might get the wrong impression when they see how many beads you're all wearing.

Each package contains 12 strands of beads.

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