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Pecker Beach Towel SALE
Pecker Beach Towel SALE
Pecker Beach Towel SALE
Pecker Beach Towel SALE

Pecker Beach Towel

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The Pecker Beach Towel is perfect for a bachelorette party on the beach or any kind of bachelorette party where things might get a little wet and wild!

Hot Facts

  • Super Soft
  • Vivid Colors
  • 55" x 27.5"
  • Item Description

    Oh my god, when did Julie grow a dick? And it’s so… big. My god. This could be a catastrophe. If the bride-to-be sees it, she might just leave the groom for it, because there’s no way he could compare to such a massive member. She’d better cover that thing up, quick. Someone get her a towel… oh. Wait a minute. It is a towel!

    Turns out Julie didn’t grow a dick, she’s just wearing the Pecker Beach Towel. Which is good. I definitely wasn’t hoping one of my girlfriends had suddenly grown a giant, amazing-looking penis. Nope. That must have been you thinking that.

    If you want to be like Julie and play pranks on your friends at the upcoming bachelorette party, you’re gonna need a Pecker Beach Towel. This soft and colorful towel makes a hilarious gag gift for the bachelorette or a prime set-up for jokes at the bachelorette party, and it’s especially perfect for summertime bachelorette parties or beach parties.

    Measures 55” x. 27.5” / 140cm x 70cm.

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