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Pecker Exerciser SALE
Pecker Exerciser SALE
Pecker Exerciser SALE

Pecker Exerciser

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The Pecker Exerciser is a great gag gift that will be hilarious to give a bachelor, or to give a bachelorette so she can give it to her groom-to-be!

Hot Facts

  • Great Gag Gift
  • Good for Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties
  • Exercise that Pecker!
  • Item Description

    Has your penis been showing signs of demonic possession? Does it glow an infernal red from time to time? Has it been expelling a sticky, eerie green substance? Do you hear otherworldly whispers emanating from it at night?

    Well, you should probably go get yourself tested at the doctor’s office, because that all sounds more like an STD than a demonic possession. Also, this is a Pecker Exerciser, not a Pecker Exorciser, so even if it is possessed by a demon this probably isn’t going to be very much help. What it will be a lot of help for is if you’re training your penis to become a professional dick-wrestler, or getting it ready for the Penis Olympics.

    … Okay, if we’re being totally honest with you, the Penis Olympics don’t really exist. Dick-wrestling might exist, but if it does, we’re pretty sure you’ll have to go to a much scarier and shadier corner of the internet than this to find it. What the Pecker Exerciser is really good for is a gag gift for a bachelor party. The guys will be able to make all kinds of hilarious jokes about this, we guarantee it. And if things get real rowdy, maybe you’ll even convince the groom to try it out in the middle of the party. Just make sure you take some video for his “lucky” spouse-to-be…

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