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Pecker Puppet Pal SALE
Pecker Puppet Pal SALE
Pecker Puppet Pal SALE
Pecker Puppet Pal SALE
Pecker Puppet Pal SALE
Pecker Puppet Pal SALE
Pecker Puppet Pal SALE

Pecker Puppet Pal

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Now the bride-to-be or anyone at the bachelorette party can talk like a dick with the help of the wacky Pecker Puppet Pal!

Hot Facts

  • Fits Any Hand
  • Squishy and Dopey
  • Great Gag Gift or Party Favor
  • Item Description

    Something that has always impressed us about the bachelorette party industry is how good it is at coming up with adult interpretations of childhood party traditions. Pinatas? Oh, we’ve got plenty of those. Ring toss, simon says, or mad libs? Check, check, and check. Pin the tail on the donkey? How about pinning the macho on the man? Whatever fun games and traditions you remember from birthday parties you went to as a kid, chances are, there’s a naughty version for sale here at

    And now, you can add one more classic to that list: the puppet show. Puppet shows have been used to educate and entertain children for thousands of years, dating back at least as far as 3000 BC. So it was about time that they got a little upgrade for the 21st century, don’t you think? Now, for the first time ever in the history of forever (probably, we didn’t bother to check), you can use puppets to educate and entertain adults, too!

    Well, okay, “educate” might be going a bit far. I don’t think anyone’s going to be learning anything much at the bachelorette party, except for all of each other’s dirtiest secrets. But the Pecker Puppet Pal will certainly keep everyone entertained. Probably even more than puppet shows did when you were kids! Who knows, maybe your bachelorette party will even be the start of a worldwide dick-puppet erotic theater phenomenon. And if it is, just don’t forget to give us lifetime front row tickets for giving you the idea!

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