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The Golden Dick Award SALE
The Golden Dick Award SALE
The Golden Dick Award SALE
The Golden Dick Award SALE
The Golden Dick Award SALE

Golden Dick Award

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The Golden Dick Award is a bachelorette party supply that you can use for all sorts of things - a party favor, a gag gift for the bride, or a prize for drinking games!

Hot Facts

  • Great Party Favor
  • Great Gag Gift
  • Great Prize for Games
  • Item Description

    There are a few awards that every aspiring actor or actress dreams of someday winning. The Oscar. The Emmy. The Palm d’Or. The Golden Dick. No, that is not a typo, I didn’t mean the Golden Globes. Why would I want a trophy shaped like a globe? That’s so 20th-century. Penis-shaped trophies are all the rage these days.

    Okay, so maybe it’s not a prestigious award that famous actors dream of winning, but we guarantee everyone at your bachelorette party will dream of winning it! This splendid golden phallus measures an impressive 5” tall (including the base), has a ribbon around it, and a stick-on plaque that says “World Champion.” Those are all clear signs of quality and craftsmanship right there. Who wouldn’t want one of these for their trophy cabinet?

    The Golden Dick Award makes an excellent party favor or reward to hand out to the winner of various drinking games or other bachelorette party games. We recommend getting enough to award them for multiple events, because everybody’s competitive spirit is going to flare up when one of these babies is on the line.

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