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Voodoo You Love? Kit SALE
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Voodoo You Love - A Great Gift or Party Game!

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The Voodoo You Love? Kit makes a great gag gift for the Bachelorette that could also be used as a fun party game. Get it at a great price at

Hot Facts

  • Voodoo You Love Doll and Kit
  • Doll is reversible
  • 80-page book and 8 pins included

Item Description

Okay, so your friend’s about to marry this guy. Obviously she must be pretty confident in the relationship. But maybe she wants a little extra insurance that things are going to go smoothly for the rest of her life. Surely she trusts that he won’t royally screw things up, but wouldn’t she feel a lot better if she had a guarantee? Or, even better, a means of exacting revenge in case he does?

Luckily for her, the Voodoo You Love? Kit does all that and more. This kit comes with a two-sided voodoo doll (one side male, one side female, to cover all the bases), 8 pins, and an 80-page book. The book has instructions on how to work all sorts of magic with the doll, from revenge to espionage - you know, all the important skills to have in a marriage. You could even use it at the party to help the Maid of Honor find a guy when you go out for the evening - she deserves it! Whether it’s a gift for the bride, a party activity, or both, the Voodoo You Love? Kit makes a hilarious addition to any Bachelorette Party.

Contains one 80-page book, one doll, and eight pins.

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