Chocolate Cum Pop - White

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The Chocolate Cum Pop is the most realistic chocolate penis pop we've ever seen - complete with dribbling cum to gross out the bachelorette!

Hot Facts

  • Milk Chocolate Flavor
  • Realistically Detailed
  • 6.5" Long

  • Item Description

    Are you afraid that a regular 6.5” long solid chocolate penis lollipop won’t embarrass the bride-to-be enough on her big night out? Fear not, for we’ve found a way to one-up this classic culprit of bachelorette bashfulness. Instead of making her go out in public and eat a giant chocolate sucker shaped like a penis, you should make her go out in public and eat a giant chocolate sucker shaped like a penis... dripping with cum.

    That’s right, folks, penis-shaped sweet treats are now even grosser than your wildest dreams and the bachelorette’s deepest fears ever could have imagined. These molded chocolate penis pops are so realistically detailed that they not only include veins, balls and head, but also a drizzle of white “cum” dripping down the length of the shaft. With as grossed out as we are just typing that sentence, you can bet your bachelorette is going to be even more grossed out eating it.

    This Chocolate Cum Pop is white in color and is milk chocolate-flavored. For the black, dark-chocolate flavored version, click here.

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