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Bachelorette Party Banner

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The Bachelorette Party Letter Banner can be used to decorate at a dinner out or at your at-home party. Plan the perfect bachelorette party at

Hot Facts

  • Bachelorette Party Letter Banner
  • 90 inches long
  • Decorated with hearts and penises

Item Description

The Bachelorette Party Letter Banner spells out "BACHELORETTE PARTY" in giant letters, so everyone at the party knows it's time to celebrate! Not that they needed any help figuring that out. The caution tape out front, the giant penises on all the walls, and the already-tipsy bachelorette wearing a bachelorette party sash probably gave it away. But just in case, this will tell them for sure!

This large hanging banner is white with pink and purple lettering. But the best part is: it's decorated with tons of teeny tiny penises for your bachelorette to ogle. It's one of our classier penis banners, because from a distance, you can't even tell that there are any on it. But when you're up close you can seem them in all their phallic glory!

The Bachelorette Party Letter Banner also features the image of a hot cowboy riding a heart... because that's what cowboys ride these days, right? Oh well, let's just call it artistic license.

Measuring in at 90 inches long and six inches tall, you can use the Bachelorette Party Letter Banner to decorate most any space. You can play with the banner and either hang it straight across, or use the flexible letters to create interesting shapes that fit your room. It's one of the most flexible and versatile banners we sell.

Each package contains 1 Bachelorette Party Letter Banner.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tom Nardone

It is cute. Easy to hang.

Big banner

It is a big banner. Was really cute. Hung it in the hotel suite.

This was cute, it's a sha

This was cute, it's a shame that we could only use it for one night. I think I'll cut up the letters and rearrange them to say something else so I can keep using it. THEY PLACATE ROBERT or TABLETOP TREACHERY or CATHETER LABOR TYPE. Those sound like pretty useful phrases!

Very cute and a good pric

Very cute and a good price. We put this over the front porch, she thought it was so cool!

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