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Edible Underwear is a classic gag gift. Includes: One pair of undies for her. One size fits most.

Hot Facts

  • A traditional gag gift
  • Strawberry flavored

Item Description

Edible Underwear are a classic gag gift, especially for bachelorette parties. Bridesmaids and maids of honor have been getting these things for the bachelorette since the bachelorette party phenomenon first began. Heck, they've probably been getting them since even before that. Maybe the bachelorette party was only invented to give people a perfect venue in which to present the bachelorette with edible underwear where all her friends can see and laugh with her at the gift.

Okay, so maybe that's a stretch, but these are a definite classic. Someone will inevitably give a pair to the bachelorette, so it may as well be you. What better way to guarantee that yours is the gift that the bachelorette remembers for years and years to come?

While these do make a great gag gift, they kind of put the "gag" in "gag gift." Edible Undies are not exactly my first choice in bedroom cuisine. In fact, they taste pretty terrible and turn your teeth red. If you want a practical edible bedroom aid, you might look into the chocolate body frosting instead. But if you want a great joke gift, these can't be beat.

Includes: One pair of undies for her.

One size fits most.

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