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Rainbow Penis Shot Glasses - 6 SALE
Rainbow Penis Shot Glasses - Set of Six SALE
Rainbow Penis Shot Glasses - Six Different Colors SALE
Rainbow Penis Shot Glasses - Bright and Bold Colors SALE

Rainbow Penis Shot Glasses

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The Rainbow Penis Shot Glasses come six to a pack. These shot glasses are great for an at-home bachelorette party.

Hot Facts

  • Rainbow Penis Shot Glasses
  • 6 bright penis shot glasses

Item Description

What better way to celebrate a bachelorette party than with a rainbow of penises? Add to the diversity of your party by representing penises in every color of the rainbow. Okay, so we realize that real human penises aren't generally green or blue, but unicorn penises probably are. And celebrating unicorn diversity is something we often overlook in our fast-paced culture.

The Rainbow Penis Shot Glasses are perfect for the bachelorette party or a gay bachelor party. You get each color of the rainbow: Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, and Orange. These shot glasses are pretty big. They're shaped like short, fat penises. Chodes, if you will.

The Penis Shot Glasses in Rainbow colors are perfect for a gay themed event or the colorful, loud bachelorette party.

Six shot glasses.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

These are cute. They seem bigger than a shot, but that was just fine with us.

Christie F.
Super Fun

Shots are fun to begin with and when you put it in a penis shot glass? All bets are off.

Kara P.
Super fun

There's really nothing like doing a shot out of a penis shot glass. It just puts everyone in the right mood for an off the hook party. It's a no brainer.

Wanna shot?

Could have dragged out the Niagra Falls shot glass set, yet nothing brings levity to a party like Rainbow Penis Shot glasses. Salut!

Kara Anne
Get the party going!

Wow! The ladies kept doing shots out of these. They are the perfect size for holding a shot of liquor.

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