Penis Photo Cups

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These Realistic Penis Photo Cups might just be one of the raunchiest and funniest bachelorette party supplies we sell. The bride to be is in for a shock when she sees these at her table!

Hot Facts

  • Covered in realistic penis photos
  • 10 per pack
  • Matching plates and napkins available

  • Item Description

    Here at, we’ve been selling penis-themed bachelorette party supplies for almost two decades now. We thought we’d seen everything there was to see. Pink penises, black penises, rainbow penises, smiling penises, frowning penises... but you know what we’ve never seen? Real penises. Until today.

    The Penis Photo Cups are sturdy disposable party cups featuring a grid of professional photographs of, you guessed it, penises. But these aren’t just any ordinary “dick pics.” If they were covered top-to-bottom with just any old pictures of dicks, it would just be obscene (not that most bachelorettes we know would have a problem with that). Instead, these penises are dressed up in a variety of costumes, from a winter olympian to a police officer to Santa Claus and so many more. And let me tell you, they are hilarious. I never thought I would enjoy looking at a bunch of dicks, but I could stare at these dick pics all night. Or at least as long as it takes me to finish my drink.

    10 cups per package.

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