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Dirty Dominoes SALE
Dirty Dominoes SALE
Dirty Dominoes SALE
Dirty Dominoes SALE

Dirty Dominoes

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Dirty Dominoes are a naughty bachelorette party game that you and your friends are sure to have a blast with - instead of matching numbers, you match sex positions!

Hot Facts

  • Sex Positions Instead of Numbers
  • Hilarious Drinking Game
  • 24 Dominoes per Box
  • Item Description

    We’ll be honest with you: if you actually want to play a game of dominoes, you should not buy these. We’re not quite sure how the game of dominoes has played, but we’re pretty sure that normal dominoes have different numbers of dots on them for a reason. Dirty Dominoes, on the other hand, instead of numbered dots, depict a different sexual act on each side of each domino. At first we thought maybe the number of people having sex acted as the number of dots, except it’s two people in every single picture. And a game of dominoes where every single domino is a 2 doesn’t sound very exciting, no matter how you actually play a game of dominoes.

    Luckily for you, the guests at your bachelorette party probably don’t really want to play a game of dominoes either. Unless you can come up with some rules that make it a drinking game. But if you’re going to make up rules for that, you might as well just make up drinking game rules for these dirty dominoes instead. How about… drink every time the domino shows an absurd, dangerous, and/or utterly impossible sex position. And hoooo boy, in that case, you’re gonna be drinking a LOT.

    Each box of Dirty Dominoes contains 24 dominoes, and each domino has two different sex positions depicted on it. That means you and your girls are in for a long night of laughing your butts off at these ridiculous things!

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