Pin It on the Hunk

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Plan your naughty bachelorette party with we won't tell a soul!

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  • Pin It On the Hunk Game
  • A classic bachelorette party game

Item Description

Sometimes you just don't want to use a word for the male genitalia. All the words are pretty gross.

Let me remind you: joystick, johnson, kielbasa, knob, jimmy, prick, shlong, skin flute, salami, sausage, purple headed soldier, tallywacker, schmeckel, tool, trouser snake, wang, wanker, weenie, pecker, peter, whang, who who dilly, weiner, wood, winky, ding-a-ling, ding dong, boner, and finally, the oft used bald-headed yogurt slinger.

That's why we sell Pin "It" On the Hunk. It's not offensive. It features a hot guy, and all sorts of different penises for you to cut out and stick on him. Just put a blindfold on your bachelorette, spin her around, and let her decide where the It goes. This is a classic game that's perfect for any silly bachelorette party.

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