Pin the Pistol on the Cowboy

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Pin the Pistol on the Cowboy is a hilarious bachelorette party game that's a lot like Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Except instead of a Donkey, it's a hunk, and instead of a tail, it's a... well, a "pistol!"

Hot Facts

  • Double-sided poster
  • 12 pistol stickers
  • Black or white cowboy

Item Description

Yee-haw, cowgirls. Everyone’s favorite bachelorette party game is saddling up the horse and riding out west, and you know what that means: an all-new rodeo that all your party guests will be jumping out of their spurred boots to try their hand at.

Pin the Pistol on the Cowboy is the wild west’s take on the long-time best-selling Pin the Macho on the Man game, which is, in turn, a naughty take on the party classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Just like in Pin the Macho on the Man, your guests will have an assortment of penis-like stickers to choose from, and take turns trying to pin their picked-out package onto a muscular man. The key difference is, instead of a random assortment of phallic imagery, everything you’re pinning on him in this game is either a penile pistol or a bullet.

Pin the Pistol on the Cowboy makes a perfect addition to any cowgirl-themed bachelorette party, but we’re sure it will go over great no matter what kind of party you’re throwing. Not many girls can resist laughing at the sight of a dozen cartoon penises plastered all over a hunk’s legs and lower torso! Best of all, the hunk poster is double-sided, so you and your girls can decide whether you want to try your hand at equipping a black or white cowboy. Either way, giddyup, partners, because it’s going to be one wild ride.

Comes with a double-sided 24” x 36” cowboy poster and 12 stickers. Blindfold not included.

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