Bachelorette Party Truth or Dare Coasters

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The Bride-To-Be Truth or Dare Coasters are a fun game and a cute coaster. Give the bride-to-be a girls night out she'll never forget with help from

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  • Bride-To-Be Truth or Dare Coasters
  • A fun truth or dare party game

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Ever been at a bachelorette party, picked up your cocktail, looked down at your coaster and thought, "Wow, this coaster would be way cooler if it were entertaining me right now?" We thought so! That's why we picked up the Bride-To-Be Truth or Dare Coasters. These coasters are in the shape of big engagement rings, and feature truth or dare challenges to make your party even more wild!

No bachelorette party is complete without games. The Bride-To-Be Truth or Dare Coasters can be used at home or at the bar, and have a total of 32 activities you can perform while drinking with the bachelorette. Perform dares like: "Fake a very vocal orgasm," or answer truths like, "Did you ever walk in on anyone having sex?" This is a fun game that will have your bachelorette party guests reminiscing or getting to know one another.

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