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Buzzed Bands is an ultra fun drinking game that you can play anywhere! Get them from

Hot Facts

  • Buzzed Bands
  • 10 bands for 10 players

Item Description loves the Buzzed Bands Drinking Game! This drinking game is easy to play and perfect whether you're out at the bar or having a house party.

Buzzed Bands features 10 bands, each with a different dare on it. You can either perform the dare or take a drink. Examples:

"Laugh maniacally when spoken to or take a drink."

"Kiss hands when greeting people or take a drink."

This is a great game to play in public because ... well, it just weirds people out. And what better excuse to weird people out than, "Hey, we're at a bachelorette party?!"

There are 10 bands in the Buzzed Bands set, but you can play with less girls. Switch bands all night for a hilarious game.

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