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Bride-to-Be Party Pin Wearable Game SALE
Bride-to-Be Party Pin Wearable Game - Challenge Being Unveiled SALE
Bride-to-Be Party Pin Wearable Game - Give Me a Kiss on the Cheek! SALE

Bachelorette Party Game Pin

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The Bride-to-Be Party Pin Wearable Game is a bar game and fashion accessory rolled into one that the bachelorette will love wearing and you'll all love playing!

Hot Facts

  • Part game, part fashion accessory
  • 12 Challenges
  • Goes with any outfit

Item Description

Bringing party games to the bar can be a great way to make an already fun bachelorette party even more fun, but there’s always the worry that you might lose the game materials at the bar. And nobody really wants to make room for an oversized deck of cards in their purse anyways. So, what’s a game-crazy group of girls going to do?

Here’s one clever way to get your gaming fix at the bar, club, or anywhere you go: wear it! The Bride-to-Be Party Pin is a fun game for the whole party that the bachelorette can simply pin to her clothing and not have to worry about losing all night!

The Party Pin Wearable Game is a cute pink button dotted with four blinking white lights that would make a great accessory for the bride all on its own, even if it wasn’t also a game. But it is, and a fun one at that! In the center of the button are 12 challenges, which can be peeled away one at a time like post-it notes, which will have the party guests interacting with the bride-to-be in a variety of ways, from doing a shot together to giving wedding night advice. You can have the bridesmaids take turns attempting the challenges, make it a race where they all compete to complete them, or any other rules the bachelorette can imagine. It’s her night, after all! Once all 12 challenges have been completed, the prize is revealed: the real face of the pin, which says “Winner! #1 Bride!” It’s like the more fun you have, the more fashionable she gets!



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