Cowgirl Drinking Hat - A fun way to dress up and drink!

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The Cowgirl Drinking Hat is a fashion accessory and a drinking accessory all in one! What could be better for a bachelorette party than that?

Hot Facts

  • Cowgirl Drinking Hat
  • Holds two beers
  • Bright pink and sturdy plastic

Item Description

Looking to get a little rowdy and wild at your upcoming bachelorette party? Want to show off your bachelorette’s country girl roots, or her love of alcohol? Why not both at once! The Cowgirl Drinking Hat lets you do just that.

The Cowgirl Drinking Hat is a cute, bright pink plastic cowgirl hat with a very special added touch: a drink holder on either side of it, with a straw system to connect both to the wearer’s mouth! Each holder holds a can of beer or similarly-sized beverage, and all you need to do is stick one end of the straw into each container and the third end into your mouth, and voila! Boozy refreshment is always right there at the tip of the bachelorette’s tongue. They don’t call it a ten gallon hat for nothing!

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