One Dozen Candy Necklaces

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Make your guests feel like kids again with candy necklaces. Plan the perfect bachelorette party at

Hot Facts

  • Candy Necklaces
  • 12 necklaces
  • Pretty in simple white and red

Item Description

Here is an item that has been a smash hit for years and years. Everyone loves Candy Necklaces. They are a tried and true favorite at parties, bars, clubs... everywhere!

There are a lot of reasons why everyone loves these candy necklaces. For one thing, they are so convenient if you get the munchies at the bar. A tasty snack is right around your neck!

Another reason these are great is because they are so inexpensive. For this price, you get a dozen of them. That's plenty for the whole party, and they should look nice in everyone's goody bag.

They can also be used in all sorts of creative ways, whether wearing them or playing games with them. See our "Ideas and Advice" category for an idea on how to have a candy necklace eating contest. The girls will love it!

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