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Penis Candy Necklace

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Jump start the fun at your bachelorette party with the Penis Candy Necklace. Buy your bachelorette party supplies in total privacy at

Hot Facts

  • Penis Candy Necklace
  • Just like you wore in grade school- Sorta!
  • Cute and tasty

Item Description

I remember when I was younger and candy necklaces were all the rage. My friends and I would wear them until our necks turned different colors. It drove our parents and teachers crazy. Not to mention, it provided us with a tasty snack whenever we wanted one, even when the adults' draconian rules kept us from sneaking off to the kitchen or cafeteria. Most of all, it got us a lot of attention from the boys who were eyeing our necks all day.

I fear that the penises on this candy necklace might not have quite the same effect—they may scare away some of the boys at the bar. Or, they might make them even more interested. Which is better? Who can say. Either way, these Penis Candy Necklaces will still be a big hit at your next bachelorette party.

Check out our Ideas & Advice page for a fun way to use these necklaces as a game. In addition to that, you could give them out as party favors, as prizes for games, or just give them to every girl at the party before you head out for the night. You could make bets on who's going to finish hers first! Our money is on the bachelorette. Somehow we suspect she just won't be able to resist nibbling on these tiny penises all night long.

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