Penis-Shaped Candy on a Candy Necklace

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The Rainbow Pecker Candy Necklace is the ultimate penis-shaped candy treat for your bachelorette party! Nothing comes close to comparing to this delectable masterpiece.

Hot Facts

  • Rainbow and fruity-flavored
  • Candy penis on a candy necklace
  • 2.5 oz of candy

Item Description

With the recent influx of new products in the penis-shaped candy market, bachelorettes have gotten harder and harder to impress. Regular old penis-shaped hard candy? SO boring. Penis-shaped hard candy on a ring you can wear? Yawn. Rainbow-colored penis-shaped hard candy on a ring you can wear? Nice try. Rainbow-colored penis-shaped hard candy on a ring you can wear that’s also attached to a necklace made of rainbow-colored hard candy? Oh, hello there, what’s this? We might finally have hit upon something worth talking about!

But wherever might one find such a rare and marvelous piece of penis-shaped candy? To what ends of the Earth must one travel to find a delectable dick-shaped treat that fits all these rigorous criteria? Okay, you’ve probably figured out where this is going by now. The answer is right here. This is the candy we’re talking about.

The Rainbow Pecker Candy Necklace is one of the tastiest, most fashionable, and best value candies we sell for bachelorette parties. Not only do you get a solid two inches of candy cock, you also get the whole necklace full of fruity candy circles to munch on, whether you want them to whet your appetite or clean your palate after the main event. You could get one for the bachelorette to make her feel extra special at the party, although we warn you that all the guests are going to want a piece of it - so you might want to get each of them their own!

Net Weight 2.5 oz.

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