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Bachelor Sash - The Sash for Him

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Dress him up for his big night with the Bachelor Sash. Get it at, where we help plan excellent bachelor and bachelorette parties.

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  • Bachelor Party Sash
  • A sash for the bachelor

Item Description

Do you think the groom is getting a little jealous of all the fun the bachelorette is having? She gets to dress up; she gets to be a princess for the day. If he's the kind of guy who would also like to be princess for a day, get him the Bachelor Sash.

This black sash is perfect for gay weddings, for the prissy bachelor, or just about anyone who wants to wear a Bachelor Sash. This sash shows off the bachelor. It is black with white lettering and top hat detail. We like this sash because it tells everyone who the groom is, while still being manly enough for any daring bachelor. Have him wear it without a shirt for extra points.

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