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Black Beads - Twelve Strands SALE
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One Dozen Black Beads

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Accessorize the bachelorette and bridal party with Black Beads. Plan the perfect bachelorette party with help from the experts at

Hot Facts

  • Black Beads
  • 12 strands

Item Description

Need a quick, cheap way to make all your bachelorette party guests match? The black beads are the perfect accessory, and they look great with any outfit anyone could be wearing, so you don't have to worry about color coordination or anything like that. This set comes with 12 strands.

Because they're so simple, there are a lot of uses for these versatile beads. Dress your guests up in the Black Beads or put the beads in a pinata. You can also hand the Black Beads out in loot bags. Or, you could decorate a giant inflatable wiener with them. Classy.

The Black Beads suit sophisticated party-goers, and are handy when you don't know what colors everyone will be wearing. You could layer them with Pink Beads for a fashionable look, or wear them by themselves for a classy black-tie-affair type effect. Then again, how black tie can you look when you're running around drunk...? Oh well!

Each package contains 12 strands of beads.

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