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Meat Rubber's Apron SALE
Meat Rubber's Apron SALE
Meat Rubber's Apron SALE

Meat Rubber's Apron

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The Meat Rubber's Apron is a hilarious gag gift to give a bride-to-be who loves to cook or grill, or who likes handling other sorts of meats!

Hot Facts

  • Picture of a cow and big bold letters
  • Adjustable straps
  • One size fits most
  • Item Description

    You’ve probably heard of Meat Lover’s Pizza. If you’re anything like us, you probably giggled to yourself for a few minutes the first time you heard that phrase. Well, get ready to giggle to yourself some more, because now there’s such thing as a Meat Rubber’s Apron, too. This gray cross-back apron features a butcher’s diagram of a cow and the words “I RUB MY OWN MEAT” in big bold letters. It’s perfect for the chef to wear if you’re going to be baking penis cakes or cooking penis pasta for a bachelorette party, and it also makes an excellent gag gift for a bachelor or bachelorette who loves to cook meat of all kinds.

    We just have one warning about this product: be careful about cooking a Meat Lover’s Pizza while wearing a Meat Rubber’s Apron. The giggles might reach a critical mass and explode out all over the party.

    One size fits most.

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