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Wild West Photo Props

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Make your bachelorette party memories even more memorable with these Wild West Photo Props, a fantastic way to liven up your party photos!

Hot Facts

  • Wild west-themed props
  • Made of cardstock
  • 21 props included

Item Description

So, you fancy yourself a master bachelorette party photographer, eh? Think you’re the queen of the candid shot, the monarch of the montage, the sovereign of the selfie? Well then, surely you know how important it is to drape your subjects in royal finery. A queen’s nothing without her crown and scepter, after all. And in this case, that crown is a pink cowgirl hat and the scepter is a old-fashioned pistol shaped like a penis.

Whether you’re staying in for your party or headed out for a night on the town, whether you’re taking professional photographs with a $2,000 camera or snapping them on a cell phone, these Wild West Photo Props will make an excellent addition to your kit. This set of colorful cardstock accessories includes 17 props, an extra-large frame that looks like a Wanted poster, and three blank speech bubble shapes for you to write your own messages in. The props range from small items on sticks that you can hold up to your face, like mustaches and kissy faces, to larger items you can hold in your hands, like mugs of beer and giant penises with horse bridles on.

All the props in this set share a theme of cowgirls and drinking - they really put the “wild” in wild west! Hand out some of these props to all the girls and you’ll be amazed what kind of goofy poses they come up with and what kind of crazy situations they get into to show them off. Just be careful not to let them get too carried away on those penis ponies. Those things can cause some serious havoc if you let them off the lasso. Woah there, cowgirl!

Comes with 21 photo props made of cardstock.

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