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The Cum Face Game

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The Cum Face Game is hilarious and lewd, and will be a huge hit at the bachelorette party! Get it from the bachelorette party experts at

Hot Facts

  • The Cum Face Game
  • A jack off competition
  • The loser gets the cum face!
  • Item Description

    When's the last time you jacked off a couple of penises with a friend? Last Tuesday? Well, don't you want to do it again?!

    The Cum Face Game is a hilarious game that tests your jerk-off skills. Simply fill the reservoir with water, and get to work with a friend. The object of the game is to pump the penises as quickly as possible to be the first player to squirt their opponent in the face, or mouth, and be declared the fasted wanker. Then, pass it on to the next contenders.

    This game will be a huge hit at your bachelorette party—it's just the right combo of hilarious and lewd!

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