Bride to Be Tiara and Veil with Black Feathers

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The Black Feathered Tiara and Veil is a super cute and fun tiara for your bachelorette to wear. We sell only the highest quality bachelorette party accessories here at

Hot Facts

  • Black Feathered Tiara and Veil
  • "Bride to Be" printed in pink letters
  • One size fits all

Item Description

Are you trying to pick out something fun for your bachelorette to wear on her head at her bachelorette party? Having trouble deciding between a tiara and a veil? Why not choose both at once!

The Black Feathered Tiara and Veil is a shiny and sturdy plastic silver tiara, embedded all around with small silver gemstones and prominently featuring several larger pink gemstones for a regal-looking design. It also features the words “Bride to Be” in bold pink lettering, and fluffy black feathers going all around the tiara to complete the fun and fashionable look.

The tiara alone would be enough to make your bride-to-be really stand out in a crowd, but for some added class and emphasis, it’s also got a long, flowing veil attached to it that will billow out behind your bachelorette’s head when she wears it. The Black Feathered Tiara and Veil combines the best parts of both types of bachelorette party headwear to create an accessory that the special girl will love wearing all night long.

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