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Hen Night Veil SALE

A Classy Flowered Veil

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The Hen Night Veil is a great way to make your bachelorette feel special on her big night out. has hundreds of accessories for all sorts of bachelorette parties.

Hot Facts

  • Hen Night Veil
  • With a flowered headband
  • Goes with any outfit

Item Description

You might be wondering why this veil is called the Hen Night Veil. Well, that’s because we get it from an English company, and in England, they call bachelorette parties “hen nights.” We asked our English friends if they also call bachelor parties “rooster nights” and if they call weddings “chicken-breeding days.” They didn’t think it was a very funny joke. Must just be because of their dry British sense of humor.

Well, this is no joke: this is a seriously great veil for your bachelorette to wear at her bachelorette party (or hen night). It’s made from over a foot of soft white tulle with lacy edges for an extra-elegant appearance. This look is further enhanced by a string of pearl-like beads and a row of small silky flowers along the length of the headband that keeps the veil in your hair.

The bride-to-be will love how it feels to wear this veil all night, and the guests are sure to get a kick out of seeing how people react to it out on the town. Just remember, if someone sees the veil and asks if it’s for a bachelorette party, you have to correct them: “No, no, it’s for a hen night, you silly uncultured American.” Say it in a perfect American accent, too. That ought to confuse them.

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