Fat Girl Blowup Doll


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Embarrass the bachelor by bringing his secret fantasies to life. Get the fat blowup sex doll at Bachelorette.com.

Hot Facts

  • Fatty Patty BlowUp Doll
  • A BBW inflatable sex doll

Item Description

Does the bachelor have BBW fantasies? Fulfill his deepest fantasies or just embarrass the heck out of him with the Fatty Patty Blow-Up Doll. This fat inflatable sex doll has three holes. They're not all that usable or pleasurable, but they're there!

The Fatty Patty BlowUp Doll is an inflatable doll. It's made of plastic, so don't expect the three gaping holes to be pleasurable. They are hilarious, though! The Fatty Patty BlowUp Doll gives you a chance to send the bachelor off in style. Bring her to the club or just set her up at the house party, and remember to take lottttts of pictures.


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