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Boobie Beach Towel SALE
Boobie Beach Towel SALE

Boobie Beach Towel

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The Boobie Beach Towel is perfect for a bachelor party on the beach or any kind of bachelor party where things might get a little wet and wild!

Hot Facts

  • Super Soft
  • Vivid Colors
  • 55" x 27.5"
  • Item Description

    Woah, bro, don’t freak out, but a total babe is walking this way, and she’s topless. Dude, she’s looking right at you. She’s definitely coming toward us, and man, her body is slammin’. Perfect 10/10. Huge knockers, slim waist, a full beard… Wait. A full beard? Wait. Is that Chad?!

    Yep. It is indeed Chad, wearing the Boobie Beach Towel, and he is never going to let you hear the end of it for ogling him in it. Even though it was an honest mistake, really. Anybody could have mistaken this ultra-realistic depiction of the topless female body for the real thing.

    If you want to be like Chad and play pranks on your bros at the upcoming bachelor party, you’re gonna need a Boobie Beach Towel. This soft and colorful towel makes a hilarious gag gift for the bachelor or a prime set-up for jokes at the bachelor party, and it’s especially perfect for summertime bachelor parties or beach parties.

    Measures 55” x. 27.5” / 140cm x 70cm.

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