The Cheap Date Blowup Doll

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The Cheap Date Blowup Doll is an inexpensive blowup doll and part of's very own Cheap Date line.

Hot Facts

  • An inexpensive blowup doll
  • Has a hole for a mouth
  • Face sort of looks like a woman's

Item Description

Want to show the groom-to-be a good time at his bachelor party, but don’t want him to wind up divorced when the bride finds out? Sounds like he needs a Cheap Date. With the Cheap Date line of products, exclusively from, your bachelor can have everything he needs to have some fun on his last night of freedom, with a low cost and an even lower risk of being called unfaithful.

The Cheap Date Blowup Doll is a bachelor party classic - and trust us, we know a thing or two about bachelor party classics. She’s got everything you could ever want in a blowup doll: five feet tall, easy to inflate, a hole for a mouth (we can’t imagine what that might be for), a face that *might* have been attractive before it got stretched out and printed onto a blowup doll... man oh man, we’re getting turned on just thinking about it.

Blowup dolls are a hilarious addition to any bachelor party, and if you want an inexpensive, no-frills blowup doll that’ll get the job done (whatever the “job” may be), then the Cheap Date Blowup Doll is your perfect match. Whether you want to present her to the bachelor as a gift, play a game with her at the party, or whatever your intentions may be, the Cheap Date will never let you down. Unless she deflates. But surely you won’t be so rough with her to make that happen, right? Right?

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