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Sweet Ass Gummies are a hilarious and tasty treat for any bachelor party or bachelorette party! Who doesn't like to eat a tasty ass, after all?

Hot Facts

  • Individually Wrapped
  • 12 per Pack
  • Strawberry Flavored

  • Item Description

    Have you ever noticed that the phrases we use to compliment things don’t really make a whole lot of sense?

    “That’s a dope shirt!” Uh, no, this shirt has a picture of Sesame Street characters on it, not drugs. That’s like the opposite of drugs. Do you need to get your glasses checked?

    “Man, your watch is cool as hell!” Um, actually, I think hell is supposed to be kind of the opposite of cool?

    “Damn, that is a sweet-ass ride!” Last I checked, most cars don’t have asses. And I haven’t bothered to lick one recently, but I’m pretty sure they’re not very sweet, either.

    But for once, you can use these ridiculous set phrases - the last one, at least - and you’ll actually mean exactly what you say. When somebody busts this bag of candy out at the bachelor party, you can say, “Those are some sweet-ass gummies!” and you would be describing them absolutely, 100% accurately. Because these gummies are both sweet and ass - shaped like ass, that is!

    Sweet Ass Gummies make a tasty snack for any bachelor party, especially if the groom-to-be is the kind of guy who considers himself an “ass man.” 12 individually-wrapped gummies per pack.

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