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The Dip N Dicks Candies are just like the Fun Dips you used to eat, just dick infused! Get them from Bachelorette.com, the bachelorette party planning experts.

Hot Facts

  • Dick N Dips Candy
  • Like Fun Dips
  • In 4 flavors (you'll get a random flavor)

Item Description

You put your hand upon my hip. When you dip, I dip, we dip.

Ok, I'm sorry I did that to you. No one deserves to get Freak Nasty stuck in her head all day. But that's all I can think about when I see the Dick N Dip Fun Pecker Candy. This penis candy is just like the Fun Dip you ate as a kid ... except the sugar stick is shaped like a penis. DO NOT give this one to children. I just can't even.

Dick N Dip comes in a tiny bag, with flavored sugar and your little dick dipstick. There is not a lot of candy in these bags ... but really, you're an adult, how long do you want to be licking straight sugar off a little dick-shaped stick? The dick itself is 2.15 inches long. Kind of sad, really.

The Dick N Dips come in four flavors: strawberry, sour apple, banana and cherry. This 8-pack comes with a random assortment of flavors, usually 2 of each flavor.

Net Wt 0.42 oz/ 12g per bag, 8 bags per pack.

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