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F*ckers Suckers are delicious and hilarious bachelorette party lollipops that are shaped like different sex position. Five flavors/positions available!

Hot Facts

  • Sex Position Shaped Suckers
  • Five Flavors
  • Five Positions

  • Item Description

    Penis-shaped lollipops are a great way to tell the bachelorette to “suck a dick,” and everyone will know you’re joking (or, even if you’re not joking, they’ll think you are). But sometimes, the message of “suck a dick” doesn’t quite capture the full depth of emotion you want to convey. Sometimes, you want to tell the bride, as loudly as you can without actually uttering a sound: “suck an entire fuck!”

    Well, we’ve got just the thing for you, and her, and everyone at the party. F*ckers Suckers take the tried-and-true tradition of the penis sucker and totally one-up it. These lollipops aren’t just shaped like a penis, they’re shaped like the entire act of sex. And sex has never tasted this good!

    With their variety of flavors and positions, F*ckers Suckers make an excellent party favor for all the guests, or you could get one of each and make them into a bouquet for the bride to be. She just might learn a thing or two that could help her out on her wedding night!

    F*ckers Suckers are available in five flavors / positions:

    Cherry - Kneeling Head
    Strawberry - Seesaw
    Raspberry - Standing Screw
    Watermelon - Doggystyle
    Chocolate - Caliper

    You can select your desired flavor from the dropdown list above. Net weight 1.1 oz.

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