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Gummy Penis Rings SALE
Gummy Penis Rings in Several Flavors SALE

Gummy Penises to Wear on Your Fingers

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The Gummy Penis Rings look silly and taste really good. Get these penis rings at, where we help you plan the perfect bachelorette party.

Hot Facts

  • Gummy Penis Rings
  • Tasty, fruity rings
  • Assorted flavors and colors

Item Description

Have you been searching high and low for a ring that doesn't only grab attention, but tastes great? You've probably been having a really tough time with that at traditional jewelry stores. All those rings have this strange, metallic taste.

Instead of chewing on silver and gold, give the Gummy Penis Rings a try. I must say, the Gummy Penis Rings are pretty damn tasty. They are full of fruity flavor. They taste much better than any penis I've put in my mouth, and just as good as any other gummy candy.

We like this package because it comes with eight or more Gummy Penis Rings. Pass them out to your bachelorette party guests, or leave them in a bowl on the table. Put them on and delicately nibble on the penises over tea and crumpets.

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