Let's Fuck Lollipop


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The Let's Fuck Lollipop is a big sucker that gets straight to the point. Get this crazy sucker for your raunchy bachelorette party at Bachelorette.com.

Hot Facts

  • Let's Fuck Lollipop
  • A large sucker
  • Says' "Let's Fuck"

Item Description

The Let's Fuck Lollipop is really direct. If you have a woman in your bachelorette party who insists on being fucking insane, all of time time, this would be the perfect lollipop for her. If it's the bachelorette, we apologize to the groom in advance, but ... yeah, you should probably still get it.

The Let's Fuck Lollipop is a pretty big sucker, with a two inch diameter and six inch stick. Don't act like dimensions aren't important to you. If you're buying the Let's Fuck Lollipop, you might be a size queen. Just a hunch.

This is a tasty lollipop that will make a fun addition for party photos or grab bags.

1 sucker per order.

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