Marshmallow Penis Candy

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The strawberry Marshmallow Willies taste much better than real penises—more like strawberry Peeps. Plan an awesome bachelorette party with help from

Hot Facts

  • Marshmallow Willies
  • Tasty marshmallow penises
  • Strawberry flavor

Item Description

What's that you say? A dick that's made out of marshmallows? Sign me up! My boyfriend's penis is made out of salty manmeat. If he whipped out a Marshmallow Willie instead of his real dick, I'd get down on my knees and serenade the damn thing.

The Marshmallow Willies belong in a heavenly world where penises aren't attached to men, and they're made out of sticky, sugary marshmallows. These soft bachelorette party treats are quite good; they remind us of Easter Peeps, if Peeps were strawberry flavored. And shaped like dongs.

You get about 24 Marshmallow Willies per box. Most likely, everyone at your party can try one. Serve them up as snacks or dessert at the bachelorette party.

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