Super Fun Penis Candy Machine

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Now the world's most fun penis candy is even more fun to eat thanks to the Super Fun Penis Candy Machine! This classic candy machine has about 100 pieces of penis candy inside!

Hot Facts

  • Approx. 100 pieces
  • 5 Flavors
  • Easy to operate

  • Item Description

    Unless it’s your very first time on this website, you’ve probably seen Superfun Penis Candy before. It’s one of our best selling penis candies, and we’ve had it for ages. And we have quite an impressive variety of it, too. We sell it in bags of assorted colors, we sell it in bags of only pink, we sell it in giant 3 ounce bags, we sell it in little bags of 5 pieces, we sell it in giant bags filled with little bags of 5 pieces.

    Did you notice something about that variety, though? As many different ways as they come, they all come in bags. Now, that doesn’t sound Super Fun, does it? Bags are like, the second least fun form of packaging. Not quite as bad as those hard plastic clamshell things that you always inevitably stab yourself on no matter how carefully you try and open them. But pretty close.

    Well, good news, ladies and gentlemen: Super Fun Penis Candy is now living up to its name more than ever before by coming in a package that’s every bit as fun as the candy inside of it. Introducing the Superfun Penis Candy Machine!

    The Superfun Penis Candy Machine looks like a miniature gumball machine, complete with a turn-crank dispenser. But instead of boring old gumballs, this machine dispenses everybody’s favorite penis candy! This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the consumption of your favorite bachelorette party penis treat. Whether you’re implementing your penis candy into a drinking game, throwing a carnival or fifties diner-themed bachelorette party, or just trying to eat it at the bar without needing to touch it with your nasty grody bar-hands, the Super Fun Penis Candy Machine has you covered!

    Contains approx. 100 pieces of super fun penis candy in 5 colors.

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