Little Penis Ice Cube Tray

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Hot Facts

  • Tiny Penis Ice Cube Tray
  • Makes 11 ice cubes

Item Description

Looking for a way to turn your cocktails into COCK-tails? Use the Tiny Penis Ice Cube Tray to make perfect penis ice cubes for your mixed drinks. Every bachelorette party needs a little penis in it, and these little penises are so small they're almost tasteful. Almost.

Slip penis ice cubes in the bachelorette's drink to surprise and delight her. Or, if you've got time to make a lot of batches, fill the freezer with them. When your guests ask where the ice is, just point them in the right direction, sit back, and enjoy the reactions.

The Tiny Penis Ice Cube Tray is a nice, good quality ice cube tray, even by normal standards. And it goes beyond normal standards with its exceptionally fun shape. It might just be the best ice cube tray you ever own. It's made of silicone so the cubes pop right out. The Tiny Penis Ice Cube Tray makes 11 ice cubes.

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