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Big Boob-Shaped Balloons

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Te Big Boobie Balloons are the perfect way to decorate your house for a bachelor party. After all, what could be better than being surrounded by tons of big boobies?

Hot Facts

  • Easy to inflate
  • Inflates to a large size
  • 6 per pack

Item Description

So you had a grand night out planned for your buddy’s bachelor party. You were gonna catch a game, hit up a few bars, and then surprise him at the end of the night with a trip to a strip club where you’d arranged for a private dance. But then, at the last minute, the bride-to-be vetoed all of it. Originally it was just the strip club part that she had a problem with, but then you got into an argument and it turned into a whole big thing and now you’ve got to stay in for the party. Yikes.

Now how are you supposed to ensure your friend still has a great last night of freedom? Sure, you can watch the game on TV, and you’re plenty capable of getting drunk at home. But the strip club, that’s going to be hard to replicate. Let’s see, how can you simulate being in a place where there are titties flying everywhere...

Eureka! You can decorate the place with a few packs of Big Boobie Balloons, that’s how! These unique party balloons are flesh-colored and blow up into a shape that resembles a massive pair of boobs, complete with nipples sticking out. It might not be quite the same as the real thing, but in some ways, maybe it’s even better. Unlike at a strip club, he can actually touch these boobs as much as he wants. And, we can pretty much guarantee they’re bigger than the ones you’d be seeing on any stripper. Jackpot. Party saved!

One package comes with six boob-shaped balloons.

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