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Boobie Ice Cube Tray - Makes 26 Boobs SALE
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A Tray That Makes Boob-Shaped Ice Cubes

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The Boobie Ice Tray really heats things up when you want to cool things off! Don't get caught at the bachelor party without these hilarious boobie ice cubes in your drink.

Hot Facts

  • Variety of boob shapes
  • 2 trays
  • 13 ice cubes per tray

Item Description

So, it’s unanimous amongst all the guys coming to the bachelor party: you need to have some kind of boob-shaped food item. That’s not even up for debate. There’s just one problem: the guy who’s hosting the party has a wife, and you just know she’ll think this whole thing is super juvenile. You can picture her eyes practically rolling right out of her head. So, obviously, she can never know. You need to figure out a discreet boob-shaped food.

Boob-shaped cake, as great as that would be, is out of the running right out the gate. There’ll be crumbs, or the leftover pan, inevitably something to give it away. If you get boob-shaped candy, there’s a risk of some being leftover and getting kicked under a couch or shelf for her to discover and be unimpressed by at a later date. So that’s a no-go. Boob-shaped potato chips? Sigh, if only we lived in a society that had progressed far enough for those to exist. Hmm...

Of course! Boob-shaped ice cubes! They’ll exist long enough for all the guys to get a good laugh out of them, but then they’ll melt in your drinks during the party, leaving no shred of evidence behind. It’s the perfect crime. Just, you know, make sure someone takes the tray with them after the party. That would be awkward.

Each of the two included Boobie Ice Trays makes 13 boob-shaped ice cubes, for a total of 26. These make for a hilarious way to cool down your drinks that everyone at the bachelor party will love. The boob molds in the tray even come in a variety of shapes and sizes, just like real boobs. How inclusive!

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