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Hot Bod Cake Toppers

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Hot Bods Toothpick Toppers add a sexy flair to your bachelorette party cake or cupcakes! This 24-pack includes 4 designs, each featuring sexy male bodies and suggestive phrases.

Hot Facts

  • 24 Toothpick Toppers
  • 4 Designs
  • 6 Toppers per Design

Item Description

The Hot Bod Cake Toppers are a set of 24 super-hot toothpick toppers that go perfectly on any cake or cupcakes for your bachelorette party or bridal shower.

These cake toppers are cute cardboard cutouts on toothpicks, which feature pictures of sexy male bodies with raunchy slogans. There are 6 toppers each of 4 types: “Bottoms Up To You Babe,” “Make A Wish & Blow,” “Party Your Pants Off,” and “Special Delivery Package.”

The Hot Bod Cupcake Toppers make your cake or cupcakes really stand out and add an extra layer of fun to any bachelorette party or bridal shower!

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