Dirty Dicky Sucker - Penis Colada Flavor


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The Dirty Dicky Sucker is a tasty sucker that's perfect for your bachelorette and the party crew! Grab one for everyone at Bachelorette.com.

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  • Dirty Dicky Sucker
  • Pina Colada flavor
  • 1 per order

  • Item Description

    🎶 Do you like Penis Coladas? And getting caught in the rain

    If you're not into vaginas, and if you have half a brain 🎶

    Then perhaps the Pina Colada flavored Dirty Dicky Sucker is for you! This tasty sucker is pina colada flavored, and is shaped like the cutest 3 inch dick we ever did see. Get one for each woman in your bachelorette party crew! 

     1 Dicky Sucker per order.

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