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Neon Plastic Shot Cups - 2 oz. - Assorted Colors - 60 - Bachelorette Party Supplies SALE
Neon Plastic Shot Cups - 2 oz. - Sixty per Pack SALE
Neon Plastic Shot Cups - 2 oz. - Perfect Size for Shots SALE
Neon Plastic Shot Cups - 2 oz. - In Four Colors SALE
Neon Plastic Shot Cups - 2 oz. - At the Bachelorette Party SALE

Neon Plastic Shot Cups - 60

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These Neon Plastic Shot Cups mean easy cleanup for you the morning after. Give the bride-to-be a night out she'll never forget with help from

Hot Facts

  • Neon Plastic Shot Cups
  • Assorted colors
  • 60 shot cups

Item Description

Neon Plastic Shot Cups come in an assortment of colors, and this giant pack will supply you with enough shot cups to not only cover this Bachelorette Party, but many parties to come. We hope so, anyways. If you use all 60 of these shot cups in one night, we feel sorry for whoever's going to have to clean up after the party.

In this package you get 15 neon blue, 15 neon orange, 15 neon green and 15 neon pink shot cups. These shot cups are reusable, so they'll last even longer. You may never need to buy another shot glass again. These are perfect for jello shots or any other shot you can think of.

These shot glasses are also black light responsive, making them that much more fun to drink out of. As if they weren't already the most fun beverage container you've ever seen. The crazy drunk ladies at your party will love them.

Package comes with 60 neon assorted color 2 oz. shot cups.

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