Inflatable Penis Strap-On Ring Toss

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The Mr. Party Pecker Strap-On Ring Toss is a fantastic game to play at home or outside. Plan your naughty bachelorette party with we won't tell a soul!

Hot Facts

  • Mr. Party Pecker Strap-On Ring Toss
  • Inflates to 1 foot long

Item Description

Celebrate the bachelorette party with one of our bestselling games, the Mr. Party Pecker Strap-On Ring Toss! This inflatable penis is a foot long and very wide, big enough for any size queen. It comes with three inflatable rings that your bachelorette party guests can use to play the dirtiest game of ring toss ever imagined.

The Mr. Party Pecker Strap-On Ring Toss comes with elastic straps, and can be worn by the bachelorette like the hottest g-string ever made! She can wear it easily over clothes, though. The inflatable penis has a big, silly, grinning face, and comes with three inflatable rings.

Let your guests take turns wearing the Mr. Party Pecker Strap-On Ring Toss. You will be amazed how much different they act while wearing this giant penis. They'll be strutting around the room, showing it off to everyone and bragging about how big it is. Luckily, you can knock them back down to size by throwing rings at them until they shut up.

This is a wild bachelorette party game that's tons of fun, especially with a couple of cocktails. After drinking them, we mean. Don't drink them while you're playing. There's a good chance you'll spill, either from getting hit by an errant ring or from laughing too much!

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