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Bachelorette Bar Challenge Cards

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The Bachelorette Bar Challenge Game is best to play out at the bar, around a lot of people. Have deliver it right to your door with our private shipping methods.

Hot Facts

  • The Bachelorette Bar Challenge Game
  • A game of dares to play while you're out

Item Description

The Bachelorette Party Bar Challenge game is designed for a bachelorette party that is going to be at a bar. The bachelorette will have to perform several dares and probably be humiliated before the night is over. It is perfect for going to the "meat market" type of bar with lots of dudes.

The point of the game is to make the bachelorette do silly challenges to earn five special cards. Once she earns the cards, she can make the other members of the party drink shots. It is a fun game, especially if you are going to the bar to socialize.

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