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Secret Missions Game - Bachelorette Party Supplies SALE
Secret Missions Game - Bachelorette Party Supplies SALE
Secret Missions Game - Bachelorette Party Supplies SALE

Secret Missions Game

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The Secret Missions Game tasks every bachelorette party guest with completing a secret mission before anyone can find out what their mission is. It makes a great drinking game for the bar or club!

Hot Facts

  • Complete your secret mission before it's discovered
  • Penalty games if you're found out
  • 12 Secret Missions Included
  • Item Description

    Secret Missions is a super fun bachelorette party game for the bar or club that doesn’t come with an instruction sheet (maybe they wanted to keep the gameplay a secret?), so we’ll give you the mission briefing:

    Step 1. Rub your belly while reading these instructions.

    Step 2. Randomly assign each player one of the 12 secret mission cards. Don’t let anybody see what your mission is!

    Step 3. Now pat yourself on the head while continuing to rub your belly while you read these instructions.

    Step 4. Try to complete your mission before another player can guess what it is. When you’ve completed it, you can pin the mission card to your clothes with the included badge pins to proudly display your success.

    Step 5. Now stick your tongue out while rubbing your belly and patting your head while reading these instructions.

    Step 6. When everyone except one player has completed their missions, it’s punishment time! The last player to complete their mission, plus anyone whose missions got guessed before they could complete them, have to take one of the forfeit cards and perform the extra task written on them.

    Did you figure out that our secret mission was to make you look foolish while you read the instructions? You did? Woops, guess we have to do one of the forfeits now! Let’s see… get a rich-looking man to buy us a drink, gulp it down and walk away? Sure, sounds good to us! Luckily we didn’t get one of the more embarrassing ones, because trust us, there’s some really embarrassing ones in there…

    Comes with 12 secret mission cards, 12 badge clips, and 6 forfeit cards.

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