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Rainbow Banana Hammock SALE
Rainbow Banana Hammock - Bachelorette Party Supplies SALE
Rainbow Banana Hammock - Bachelorette Party Supplies SALE

Rainbow Banana Hammock

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The Rainbow Banana Hammock makes a great gift for bachelors and bachelorettes alike, regardless of gender, because you don't need to have a banana to laugh at this hammock!

Hot Facts

  • One size fits all
  • Cotton material, washing machine safe
  • Stretchy and rainbow

Item Description

What more can we tell you about this marvelous product that isn’t already covered by its name alone? It’s a rainbow banana hammock. It’s a banana hammock... and it’s rainbow. Simply stunning; absolutely amazing; just... wow. I’m pretty sure this is everything that society has been building toward, and we are honored to even bask in its presence, let alone wear it. This right here is the pinnacle of human civilization. And who would have guessed that the pinnacle of human civilization would be machine-washable and one-size-fits-all?

The Rainbow Banana Hammock makes a great gag gift for any bachelor or bachelorette of any gender, orientation, or fashion sense. Of course, if you just give it to them wrapped up like any old present, they might just tuck the box away and never wear it. And that definitely isn’t going to fly. For everyone at the party to get the enjoyment of the true Rainbow Banana Hammock experience, the bachelor or bachelorette is definitely going to need to wear it before the end of the party. You could make it the punishment for a challenge you know they’ll lose, convince them it’s a new fashion trend that everyone’s wearing (you may have to wear one too, for this strategy), or our favorite method: just wait until they’re drunk enough that they’ll put it on willingly in a show of inebriated banana hammock bravado!

One cotton thong. One size fits all.



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